Reverse Engineering

We believe nothing's unbreakable in the true sense. At times, it becomes important to crack open up, both physically and logically, an old product/machine, study its fundamentals and modify it as the current need be. But, due to the lack of technical know-how, most of such products and machines lie useless in the inventory. At T.R.E.E.S., our team of experts details out the fundamentals of any such product/machine while remaining within the legal bounds.

We understand the physical arrangements as well as the logical codes, often algorithms, forming the basis of the product/machine. This ensures a detailed study and a well-planned upgradation of the same. Please be aware that we do not infringe any Intellectual Property, while detailing out the insights of the said product/machine.

So, if you have come across any product that you wish to study in detail, contact us and we shall do it for you.

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