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Training Division: R.O.O.T. Labs

Service: Providing 6 weeks to 6 months 20 different training courses on Mechatronics (Robotics, Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation and CAD).

Requirement: AICTE 2015-16 Approval Report states that 38,50,006 students took admissions in 2014-15 across various technical courses offered in India. In January 2016, Indian Media published an article highlighting "...80 per cent of the engineering graduates are "unemployable", says a report, highlighting the need for an upgraded education and training system..."

Scope: Keeping in mind Government initiatives like Skill India, Digital India and Startup India, along with the above mentioned report, Mechatronics is one such domain that every Engineering Graduate would learn in detail for better employment.

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Research Division: T.R.U.N.K. Labs

Service: Providing Product Engineering Services to transform theoretical Ideas of Smart Devices into off-the-shelf Prototypes.

Requirement: With the advancements in standard of living in developed as well as developing nations, gadgets and devices that make life simpler has become a necessity. As the areas of improvement are identified, people related to that domain start ideating a sustainable solution. While ideation is easy, its execution requires skilled personnel from multiple domains to develop the needed solution.

Scope: Growing demand of automation across all Industrial segments calls for constant Research & Development of new and improved Devices. Since the field of Mechatronics is still an emerging one, the Early Bird would catch the Worm!

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Consultancy Division: S.T.E.M. Labs

Service: Providing Computer-Aided Design & Fabrication of Special Purpose Machines for Manufacturing Industries.

Requirement: Each product being manufactured is different from the other in various aspects. This not only calls for a Special Purpose Machine to manufacture it but also requires a skilled personnel to operate the machine. Based on the desired quality and quantity of the manufactured product, the Special Purpose Machines can be Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic.

Scope: Keeping in mind Government initiatives like Make In India, in response to which various International companies are setting up their manufacturing plants in India, the business scope of S.P.M. is endless.

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Manufacturing Division: F.R.U.I.T. Labs

Service: Providing Contract-Based manufacturing services for a well-defined product.

Requirement: National as well as International Small & Medium Enterprises, looking forward to get their products or its parts manufactured off-shore, often explore partnership opportunities with the in-bound companies having a good technical know-how and reduced labor costs to reduce their manufacturing costs and increase their operating margins.

Scope: Setting up a manufacturing plant/ facility for a particular product is a one-time investment. As the manufacturing begins, Return on Investment becomes clearly visible. What follows next is sheer profit!

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