Product Design

We believe Design is an integral part of Product Research as it not only visualizes the concept, but also tests its feasibility without incurring Development Costs. But, due to the requirement of skilled personnel to operate high-end Design software, most of the SMEs refrain from using them. Moreover, these software are expensive. At T.R.E.E.S., we provide Design & Analysis services for products and machines using our licensed Solidworks® Premium Software.

 We provide 3D CAD Modelling, 2D Manufacturing Drawing, Rendering & Simulation services for products as well as machines. We also provide Reverse Engineering Services wherein we analyze the part and then, model it in 3D. To safeguard the product/machine privacy, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement clearly stating that we shall not, under any circumstance, share the product details with any other individual or company.

So, if you are still using 2D Drawings, get in touch and allow us to upgrade them to 3D CAD models.

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